Welcome to ConsentGrid™ Demo!

We built this website to demonstrate how ConsentGrid™ can be applied. This is a growing library of use cases implemented using ConsentGrid™.

This site is running a web application using ConsentGrid beta servers. It uses an API client generated using our OpenAPI specification. Most of the consent forms used here are defined as form templates on a test account. You can see how they run, look at the source code, and see the data created at the backend.

All information you enter here will be stored for a week, and then deleted.

This is a demo site. Do not enter any personal information here.

Use a random login name to enter. Once you log in, you will be given a user id. This user id will be stored in a session cookie on your browser until you log out, or until it times out (5 days). This application does not store any other information about you.

This site uses two cookies:

Cookie Type Purpose
CGDEMO_FLASH Session Keeps error/success messages
CGDEMO_SESSION Session (5 days) Keeps user session

This is for testing and demo only, use a random name